May the Force Be With Your Cereal

Star Wars cereal

I have partnered with General Mills to share the info in this post. All opinions are 100% my own. We are a household full of Star Wars fans. Last year both the kids fought over who would get to go as Darth Vader for Halloween. Thankfully the … [Continue reading]

Support Children’s Miracle Network with Walmart Gift Card #Giveaway


This post is sponsored by P&G. The Walmart gift cards and information have been provided by P&G. All opinions as usual are 100% my own. Every so often I get an email about a cause that is so great that I would do anything I can to help support … [Continue reading]

Join and End Child Marriage #ChildGrooms

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At one point or another I think that all of us have heard of child marriage. Young children being forced to marry for one reason or another. Most of the time when we hear about this, we associate it with a young girl being forced to marry a man much … [Continue reading]

Top 10 Ways to Recycle Your Period Pad with Poise. #Free Sample


I'm sure by now you have seen the hashtag #RecycleYourPeriodPad on social media. If you are anything like me you were a little grossed out by it. But then I was asked to be a part of the campaign and I have to tell you it has been fun. First … [Continue reading]

Rethink What You Know about Nursing Homes

Best nursing home logo

I have partnered with for this post. All opinions are 100% my own. “Mom just got a hip replacement. She has to be out of the hospital, but she’s too sick to go home. What should we do?” “Dad has dementia, and his health … [Continue reading]

A Crash Course in Wine

wine bottles

For many people, learning the intricacies of pairing and serving wine seems may seem a little intimidating. For those who grew up with wine at meals, serving it may come as second nature, further intimidating those who weren’t afforded the same … [Continue reading]

Allergy Awareness Month with Red Robin Gift Card #Giveaway

Allergy Awareness month

All Red Robin information, gift card and giveaway have been provided by Red Robin. Opinions are still 100% my own. Having an allergy of any kind can be scary, troubling, and hard to deal with. Having a child with an allergy is all of those things … [Continue reading]

Simple Tips to Spruce Up Your Small Spaces


You may not have all the room in the world but that doesn't mean that you can really liven up your small space and not only make it work for you but make it look like a million bucks. It isn't always about finding smaller pieces, or even installing … [Continue reading]