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VTech Makes Mom a Supermom - Yellow Tennessee

VTech Makes Mom a Supermom

We are quickly approaching the time to send the kids back to school. Some can’t wait for them to go back while others, like myself are dreading the first day. The idea of sending my little man off for 8 hours a day leaves me crying like a baby. But no matter what side you fall on, one thing is certain. Back to school means more for mom to do.

Mom’s wear many hats. Chef, maid, chauffeur, shopper, and banker are just a few of the responsibilities moms tackle everyday. Back to school time ads even more jobs for mom’s to handle. But VTech can help make life a little easier.

With a kid on one hip and a basket of laundry on the other, moms can carry on calls with friends, family or school contacts using the system’s built-in cordless headset, which makes multitasking a snap. The system’s superior sound quality and range enables her to freely move about the house accomplishing home, school or work tasks as she easily takes care of business on the phone.

This phone features:

* Two-handset and one-headset system, requiring only one phone jack
* Includes IS6100 cordless headset for added freedom to have private, hands-free conversations
* DECT 6.0 digital technology for the best sound quality, security and range in cordless phones
* Voice Announce Caller ID – broadcasts name or number of caller
* HD audio – choose equalizer with four audio profiles to match users’ hearing needs for superior sound quality
* Push-to-talk functionality between handsets
* Handset speakerphone for “hands-free” conversations

I was able to review the VTech LS6475-3. It stores phone numbers for easy calling and number look up. It has a talking caller ID which says the name of who is calling and it also offers talking between the handsets.

The one feature I love most is the headset system. This allows you to use the phone while keeping both hands free to do other things. This is very handy when taking care of a baby and a 5 year old. I often find myself wishing that I had an extra hand. The VTech LS6475-3 offers just that. It has a simple push to answer button that allows you to wear the headset throughout the day. No more stopping what you are doing to answer the phone.

The headset comes with different sized ear pieces as well as a headband for a truly customizable fit. While the main base is plugged into a phone jack, the spare base just requires an electric outlet. It also features a built in answering machine. Everything from ring tone to volume is easily adjusted to fit your needs.

The VTech phones are available at www.vtechphones.com and RadioShack. Make sure you get yours before back to school season starts and watch yourself go from mom to supermom!

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