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Bathtime Fun with Shaving Cream — Yellow Tennessee

Bathtime Fun with Shaving Cream

I need a Pinterest Intervention. I find myself browsing there all the time and coming up with all these amazing things that I just have to do. And of course they make everything look so easy. Thanks to Pinterest, I now think I can sew all my children’s clothes, redo flooring all by myself, and whip up healthy homemade snacks all while preparing a 3 course meal for dinner.

Seriously, Pinterest does nothing for my self esteem. Get me out of there.

But one thing it does do is give me some great ideas for fun little projects that restore my place as the ‘cool mom’.

I didn’t remember to Pin this one but it was easy enough, I didn’t forget it!

What you need:

A bowl
A spoon
Muffin Tin
Shaving Cream
Food Coloring

Add some shaving cream to a bowl and then add some food coloring drops. Mix until blended. Transfer into muffin tin. Repeat with as many colors as you want.

I did red, yellow, green, blue, orange, and purple.

Hand the kids a paintbrush or just let them use their hands, like mine did.

Then let them have fun. Genghis painted all over the tub and surrounding walls with it. Stalin dipped one finger in and then ate it.

Does anyone know if shaving cream can hurt her?

See, I told you I need to get off Pinterest. It may kill my children!

Update, from comments on Facebook and here I should mention 3 things about this.

1. The food coloring does not stain the tub in any way. It washed right off with water and no scrubbing.

2. When I say Genghis painted the walls with it, I meant the tub surround walls, not the actual painted, drywall, walls. I have no idea what the food coloring would do to say a light colored wall.

3. All these colors does turn the actual bath water a lovely shade of brown. My 6 year old called it poop water and insisted on fresh water before I was allowed to actually wash his hair.

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