Slim Fast Women of Wow $50 Am-Ex Giveaway #vowtowow

I have been on the Slim Fast 3-2-1 plan for 3 weeks now and I feel incredible. In this time I have cut back on my soda intake and increased my water intake. I have changed my eating habits and relied less on prepackaged foods. And best of all, I have lost about 8 pounds. I have more energy and overall I feel better.

In a typical day, I have a 200 calorie shake for breakfast in the morning. I am allowed a 100 calorie snack bar before lunch but I have been saving that for after dinner as it seems I am most hungry, or the desire to eat is greater at night.

For lunch I enjoy another 200 calorie shake with a 100 calorie snack bar to hold me over till dinner.

Dinner is usually around 400 calories and then I can have 2 more 100 calorie snack bars and I save myself 100 calories for a daily glass of soda. Hey, old habits die hard.

This leaves me at around 1200 calories in a day and also allows me enough flexibility to add in another small snack of raw veggies and hummus or a piece of fruit if I am really hungry.

Slim Fast has also given me the opportunity to give away some great prizes over the course of my journey. You too can join me and Vow to Wow with Slim Fast.

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Giveaway open to US residents age 18 and older. I am a Slim Fast Women of Wow and received product coupons to offer for giveaway. Join me on Facebook to follow my weight loss and join the conversation.

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  1. kim minton says:

    Drink more water and less soda!

  2. Michelle Dippel says:

    I vow to wow by doing the slim fast diet! I’ve lost 7 lbs in the past 2 1/2 weeks. Well on my way to my goal. :D

    littleangel_mw at yahoo dot com

  3. Mary Happymommy says:

    My goal is to lose 30 lbs!

  4. I exercise every day to become more fit

  5. Janice Cooper says:

    Do my walking exercises per my walk away the pounds dvd”s and drink lots of water.

  6. Jennifer Marie says:

    Eating more fruits and veggies!

  7. I’ve been doing a lot of walking and eating healthy.
    Thanks for the chance!

  8. i vow to wow by eating veggies every day!

  9. Eat healthy and drink lots of water.

  10. I vow to wow and be healthy by losing 5-10 pounds.

  11. Kim Henrichs says:

    I vow to wow by keeping up my portion control regimen and by cutting sugar and whites much lower in my diet.

  12. i want to wow before i return to work after maternity leave
    tcogbill at live dot com

  13. Walking more, drinking less soda, and hopefully losing 25 pounds!
    Danielle Meek recently posted..Disney’s Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: I Heart Minnie Review

  14. I am going to lose 72 pounds. –17 down and 55 to go!

  15. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    go to the gym more often and blow dry my hair straight instead of just throwing it up

  16. Kyl Neusch says:

    exercise more

  17. amy pugmire says:

    by working out weekly to try and shed the rest of the baby weight.

  18. colleen boudreau says:

    Exercise at least 4 times a week.
    holliister at gmail dot com

  19. courtney b says:

    i vow to wow by going to the gym!

  20. lose 20 pounds

  21. Ashley Hatten says:

    my vow to wow is to lose 25lbs by November since we’re going to Disney..I want to get into Shape. thank you!

  22. Donna Marie says:

    Drinking lots of water to keep hydrated and get more sleep.

  23. I want wash board abs by the summer!

  24. I am eating better and have replaced chips with veggies. I am working on losing weight too with exercise. Thanks!

  25. i would like to loss 40 pounds and stop hating seeing myself in pictures

  26. I vow to wow by snacking less in between meals.

  27. Run a 5k this year!

  28. Kathryn C. says:

    I have been drinking more water and eating less these days. Trying to get off the 15 pounds that found me last year. Thanks for the giveaway!

    katbirdfl (at) gmail (dot) com

  29. Marcia Goss says:

    My goal is to lose 20 pounds before this summer.

  30. To lose about 50# by eating right and doing more exercising.

  31. One thing at a time. Quit smoking first (working on it), lose some weight next, and then get a small makeover. Get my hair cut and all of that.

  32. Nicole Larsen says:

    I want to lose 40 lbs by the end of the year and I joined Nutrisystem in Jan and already lost 10 lbs!

  33. I Vow to Wow by losing 40 more pounds in the next 4.5 months.

  34. Soha Molina says:

    bu exercising

  35. By eating more greens! Thanks for a super giveaway!

  36. I subscribe via google reader as “anashct [at] gmail [dot] com

    email: anashct1 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  37. I vow to wow by getting back up every single time after I fall.

  38. I vow to wow by starting back my exercise program .

  39. I only intend to gain the recommended weight with my next pregnancy

  40. Amanda Jasinski says:

    I vow to wow my doing yoga and keeping my produce drawers stocked!

  41. I vow to wow by toning my body in 2012.

  42. I vow to wow by walking daily

  43. Tabathia B says:

    walk more and reduce soda intake

  44. Drink more water :)
    littlegray88 at yahoo dot com

  45. Allison Downes says:

    I vow to start eating healthier
    Allison Downes recently posted..Update for the February Extreme Cash Giveaway!

  46. Annmarie W. says:

    I vow to wow by walking each morning & taking classes at the Y so I’ll look great in my swimsuit later this year!

  47. Swim 3 times a week.
    Thanks for the contest.

  48. Making exercise fun by playing games and sports with friends at the park!

  49. Eats a lot of fruits and drink a lot of water!

  50. Drink less pop and more water along with more healthier snacks.

  51. Kathy Rambousek says:

    I vow to wow by eating a balanced diet and exercise. I vow to wow by losing 10 pounds by summer

  52. I vow to wow by eating healthy snacks instead of junk food.. or maybe even less snacks

  53. subscribed via RSS with email stacey0711n(at)

  54. I am going to start taking walks

  55. Laura Jacobson says:

    I am going to eat and buy healthier foods!

  56. kelley wood says:

    i vow to wow by walking more and even incorporate a little running :)

  57. I don’t have time for a traditional workout so I’ve been trying to find more ways to be more active. For instance, I work at a local hospital. I work on the 8th floor. I try to take the steps instead of the elevator every day
    Angie B. recently posted..Join the L’Oreal rewards program free and get free hair color

  58. Barbara Montag says:

    I’m going to Vow to Wow by losing my last 10 lbs!
    Thank you.

  59. I’ve been trying to drink extra water lately and go on walks outside, even though it’s cold out there most days!

  60. I am walking more, even when it is cold outside.

  61. i vow to fit into my wedding dress before our anniversary

  62. to lose the 12 lbs I gained this winter then go on to lose 20 more thanks

  63. Pinky Sade says:

    Drink more water and eat more veg!

  64. I want to run a 5k this year!

  65. i will eat more vegatabes and fruits

  66. Barbara R. says:

    I am working on reducing sweets, eating more organic fruits/veggies, increase water and walk….walk.

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