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Adorable Hand and Foot Print Christmas Tree Craft — Yellow Tennessee

Adorable Hand and Foot Print Christmas Tree Craft

My husband keeps teasing me that I am obsessed with hand-print art. Between our Thanksgiving Turkey craft, the multiple salt dough hand-print ornaments on the tree, and now this Christmas tree craft, the hand-prints are taking over our home. But they are adorable. And it creates a festive reminder of just how small my children’s hands were at one time. Someday they won’t want to let me take their hand-prints. In the meantime I am taking advantage of it.

Hand and Foot print Christmas Tree

Hand and Foot Print Christmas Tree

You will need:

Canvas or paper.
Green and brown paint.
Assorted colored paint.
Little hands and feet.

Start by putting some brown paint on the bottom of a foot. Then press onto your canvas or paper. You want the toes pointing down. This creates the trunk of your tree.

Christmas Tree Craft

Let this dry for a few minutes and then paint the palms of your child’s hand in green.

Handprint Christmas Tree

I actually used Genghis’s hands or the bottom 2 rows and then used Miss Stalin’s smaller hands for the top 3 rows. You want to slowly make your rows shorter as you go up to mimic the taper of a Christmas tree.

Hand and Foot print tree

Once the hand prints were finished I free handed the star on the top with yellow paint. Then I let the entire thing dry overnight.

The next day we finished up with finger print lights and ornaments in multiple colors. Genghis took some creative license and added a tree skirt at the bottom. It covers up Miss Stalin’s sweet little toes but he was happy with it.

Hand and Footprint Christmas Tree craft

I love how it looks hanging in the living room and it gives me a festive way to remember the size of their hands for years to come.

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