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DIY Christmas canvas art! — Yellow Tennessee

DIY Christmas canvas art!

I love decorating for the holidays, so much so that I put my tree up early November! We don’t have Thanksgiving at our house so I think I can get away with it 😉 My taste is all over the place and I love making homemade decor to tie everything together!

I got the idea for this craft from a daily deal site.  I couldn’t fathom paying $30-$50 for a single canvas so I thought I would try and make something similar only it would be more my style (and more in my budget).

Christmas canvas supplies:

  • any size framed canvas, I used 5×7’s (You can find these at Amazon, Walmart, art supply stores, etc)
  • paint colors of your choice
  • brushes
  • white paint pen


All you need to do is completely paint over your white canvas. I did two coats but I’m not sure that was completely necessary! Once it’s dry, take your paint pen and write your favorite words that remind you of the holiday season! I did four: Love, Joy, Peace, and Bah Humbug!  I started on the side of the canvas just to give it a cohesive look from all angles! It was fun and easy to do and added a little personal touch to our Christmas decor throughout the house!

About Heather Stevens

Heather is a Michigan mom of two awesome boys and married to her High School sweetheart. When she is not blogging she is getting into mischief and blaming it on the dog, packing Angry Birds in her husband's lunch, and crying about getting older.