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Easter Egg Lunch — Yellow Tennessee

Easter Egg Lunch

I have said before that I am very lucky in that my children are not picky eaters. Sure Genghis doesn’t care for anything too spicy and Miss Stalin would eat raw onions at every meal if I let her. But overall, they will try everything at least once and off the top of my head I can’t think of one thing that they refuse to eat.

But sometimes getting them to eat is more of a chore than anything else. And then I find myself having to get creative in how I serve them. I have found I could give them the same thing to eat over and over and as long as you change up the way you serve it, they will eat it up!

Easter Egg Lunch

Monday was one of those days when we had a lot of extra stuff to do in the evening so the morning was spent hurrying up and cleaning their rooms. Hurry up and lets work on school. Hurry up and lets pick up the living room. And then I realized that even though we had a busy day, that didn’t mean we didn’t have a little time for some fun.

I had these cardboard egg cartons that I used as a tray. Plastic Easter eggs became the serving bowls. And lunch consisted of lots of finger foods.

Meatballs, cheese, cucumber, oranges, strawberries, black olives, and cheese sticks. They both had a blast with eating and I love that no matter what you want to put in them they are an easy and fun way to serve lunch.

Easter Egg Lunches

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