Happy New Year! Now get back to Work.

I never get any work done when my husband is off work. This is the reason I don’t blog much on weekends. Over Christmas he ended up with 12 days off. That was 12 days of no blogging.

Now I have to get back to work but I have zero motivation to do so. Why is it that after a vacation you don’t want to get back to real life?

We did have an amazing Christmas and it was a lot of fun to see Miss Stalin get into it so much this year.

This face is the definition of excitement.

This face is the definition of excitement.

And once it was all said and done I had a great, stress free time with my family. We didn’t do any traveling. No one came over. It was just me and my 3 favorite people in the world.

Today my husband went back to work and I am trying to find my motivation to get back to normal and get back to work.

I am not 100% sure what is on the horizon for Yellow Tennessee but I am excited to see where this year takes me.

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  1. Isn’t it hard to get back in the swing of things? I hate seeing my traffic down so much! Let’s get back to work!
    Kelly Stilwell recently posted..NaBloPoMo 2013 Day 1- What energizes you?

  2. Sara Phillips says:

    I am having the same problem! I have so much that needs to be done, and I just don’t want to SIT and do it.
    Sara Phillips recently posted..Wordless Wednesday

  3. The kids go back to school on Monday, that’s when I will get serious again!
    Anne – Mommy Has to Work recently posted..Hollywood Drive In Golf at City Walk

  4. my hubby’s been home 2 weeks as well. It’s a bit harder to have that motivation to work. Happy New Year!
    Jennifer H recently posted..Comment on New Year’s Resolutions iPad #Giveaway! by Eileen Burke

  5. Wow.. 12 days of no blogging. I think I would be bored. LOL

    Welcome back ~ To work that is.
    Sheila recently posted..What Makes You a Living Smart Girl #Pinterest

  6. nicole @nicky_olea says:

    I’m glad you had a nice Christmas! :)

  7. LOL! I know what you mean. I only get work done after my husband goes to bed.
    Kathy recently posted..10 Fun Football Food Recipes for the Big Game

  8. I totally feel you on trying to get back into the swing of things. My motivation needs to be upped a few notches and quick.
    Dee @ Cocktails with Mom recently posted..Money Saving Decorating Styles for Your Home

  9. my daughter goes back to school on Monday. I’m ready to be back to a normal routine!
    Katie recently posted..Top Baby Names of 2013

  10. I call this hangover. After a prolonged vacation, your body gets used to doing stuff other than office work. Even when we do household chores, and work on these with all the zeal we usually put in our tasks, these are different. There is something different in housework and office work. It’s similar to students’ hangover. After a long vacation, they need a bit of time to adjust, so do we. I’m sure we’ll get back to normal this week. Then you’ll have all the motivation you need tor resume your blogging.
    Amy Turner recently posted..US Bank Platinum Visa Card Review

  11. happy new year! I’m sure it would be an awesome one!!
    Mumseword recently posted..New Year Resolutions–the right motivation

  12. I have the hardest time blogging when my husband is off work too. It’s nearly impossible – I end up staying up late or trying to get it done when he’s doing other stuff just so I can spend as much family time with him as I can – this time with your family and your kids this age won’t last forever, enjoy it now!
    Kelly @ Texas Type A Mom recently posted..Our Sustainable Living Plan with Unilever #BetterTogether

  13. Here’s to a wonderful exciting 2013!
    debra recently posted..My Resolution for the New Year – Be Kind to Yourself!

  14. I feel the same way. Whenever my husband takes a day off, somehow it ends up being a day off for me too. Which I guess is good, because otherwise I would probably never take any time off. :) I’m glad your holidays were amazing–I hope 2013 is an awesome year for you too!
    Kiersten @ Oh My Veggies recently posted..What I Ate This Week | 2012 Favorites

  15. Christmas and New Years were the longest blogging break I had since March when I was on a week long cruise. Now that the break is over, I am having a hard time focusing! I don’t wanna go back to work! :(
    Jenn @therebelchick recently posted..Easy Valentine’s Day Dessert Recipe Ideas

  16. you have the most adorable kids.
    Bobbie recently posted..The Last Universe Review

  17. Elizabeth Atwood says:

    See, now I want to stay home from work and just focus on the blog. I’m a substitute teacher and the thought of going back to work is so not appealing. *sigh* Good luck getting back into the grove!
    Elizabeth Atwood recently posted..Silly Saturday – Bouncy, Bouncy, Bouncy

  18. I am the same way when my husband is off work!
    Anne recently posted..Winners

  19. I feel ya- this week has been killer for getting motivated! I’m glad you had a great break though!!
    Shell Fruscione recently posted..Febreze Selects Their $10,000 Winner!

  20. ugh, boy do I ever feel the vacation break. I was offline for almost 2 weeks and now it feels so weird to even be touching the keyboard again. I am trying really hard but with crickets in my email inbox I am not quite finding the motivation like I hope :(
    Jennifer recently posted..Laser Pegs – Building Toys of the Future (Giveaway!)

  21. Lynsey @ Blogging Planner says:

    It is TOTALLY because of the way the holidays fell… with it being on a Monday/Tuesday we ALL just figured the week was blown… so getting “excited” to start a fresh new year on Monday – a WEEK into the actual New Year… yyeeeaaaahhhh zero motivation. LOL

    (that’s my story anyway)
    Lynsey @ Blogging Planner recently posted..Plugin: Autopost to Google +

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