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How To Get Your Bathroom ‘Guest Ready’ For Christmas — Yellow Tennessee

How To Get Your Bathroom ‘Guest Ready’ For Christmas

Bathroom After

If you live in a teeny tiny apartment like I do you know every square inch of the place is used. If you are also like me it is probably messy. When the holiday’s come around and you know there are going to be guests over there are a few rooms they are probably going to see; the living area, kitchen and the bathroom. Yep, the bathroom.

We only have one bathroom in the apartment. That means the place that gets the most wear and tear with showers, teeth brushing and other daily activities will be on full display.

Here are my tips on how to get your bathroom guest ready for the holidays.

Clear the counters

We normally have our counters full of daily essentials; toothbrushes, toothpaste, water pik, soap and a hair brush. When your guests come over clear everything but the soap off the counters. If you have the space put these items in a drawer or if you have to in a box in another room *guilty*. Having clear counters will make any bathroom look cleaner and bigger.


Add a hotel touch 

Instead of stacking your towels roll them. It will give any bathroom a polished look.

Spruce it up 

Add some decorative flair to your bathroom. By adding a few accents you will transform your bathroom into a holiday wonderland. You can make your bathroom a theme room or carry on the same decorative style from the rest of your home.

When in doubt, hide it 

Guests can be snoopy. If you do not want Uncle Larry to know about your stack of pregnancy tests – hide them.  Same goes with any medication or other items you want to keep private. I do not need my guests to know about my hair removal products or if I cover grey hairs. These items can be stowed away until after the holidays.
Keep it stocked

The last thing you want to have happen is a gust running out of toilet paper. By keeping your toilet paper well stocked and in a place easy to see you will keep everyone happy.

Before and After

Clean, clean, clean

A clean bathroom is always appreciated. Make sure to give your bathroom a good scrub before the holiday season starts. It will be much easier to upkeep an already clean base.

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Katrina is the co-owner of Thinking Outside The Sandbox and Thinking Outside The Sandbox: Family. She also runs a used cloth diaper business From The Stash, is the mother of a beautiful baby girl and wife to a softball addicted husband. Her life is super busy and chaotic but she wouldn't like it any other way.