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HP Elite Pad #Giveaway — Yellow Tennessee

HP Elite Pad #Giveaway

In 1973, Business Electronics Pty Ltd was established in Sydney, Australia. The company initially resold general office products and mechanical cash registers, but by the 80’s began distributing electronic and programmable cash registers. In the 90’s PC based point of sale systems were in high demand and the company moved with demand. Throughout the years as a reseller customers often demand new and cutting edge solutions. With expertise in many different industries as a reseller we realize that in order to meet the demand from the customers we had to create our own product.

In 2004, after years of reselling other solutions we decided to develop our own POS software called Bepoz. This revolutionized the POS market with a fresh, intuitive, feature rich yet easy to use point of sale sofware. Now we were both an end-user solution provider and a major software developer in the Australian market. In 2007, Bepoz started building a worldwide distributor network in New Zealand, the UK, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Canada, and of course the United States.

I have worked in a lot of restaurants over the years and so I have a lot of experience with POS (Point of Sale) systems. They truly make the entire experience so much easier.

An HP Elite Pad is being given away by Bepoz software so click through to enter today before it’s over!

Brought To You By Bepoz. Visit The Giveaway Page Here

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