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Introducing Kinderstuff, Smart Clothing Service with #Giveaway. - Yellow Tennessee

Introducing Kinderstuff, Smart Clothing Service with #Giveaway.


I have had some experience with monthly clothing services for kids. It is a wonderful idea. It is said that children outgrow something like 1,500 articles of clothing by the time they turn 18. As the mom of a 7 year old and a 2 year old, I believe it. Add in things like shoes, socks, underwear, and you can see how it costs a small fortune to clothe your child.

A monthly clothing service is a really simple idea. You sign up, pay a small fee and then once a month you get a box of kids clothing delivered to your door. But what if you don’t need a bunch of stuff? What if you have a tight month and need some clothes but don’t have to funds to cover the subscription?

Kinderstuff logo photo

There is a new way to get the same quality clothing delivered to your front door but with a great twist? When I was first introduced to Kinderstuff I was intrigued. But as I learned more about them I became thrilled with all they offer. And I was excited to check out what they offer and share with you my experiences.

What makes Kinderstuff different?

For starters Kinderstuff does away with all the middlemen. They have no stores, no wholesalers, and no brand markups. All clothing is made by in house designers with focus on quality instead of quantity.

Instead of a typical monthly clothing service, Kinderstuff is different in that there is no membership. You simply pay for what you want. You don’t have to order every single month and this ensures you get exactly what you need, when you need it.

Kinderstuff also recognizes that as parents we are always trying to make sure our children have the best. We want the best education, the best food choices, the best learning toys. Kinderstuff follows along with that and only offers clothing in the best organic cotton and non-toxic materials. This is how they make sure that everything we produce is 100% safe, eco-friendly, and socially responsible!


But it doesn’t stop there! Besides offering amazing clothing, that you can feel good about putting your child in, they also offer an amazing return policy. To help address the problems of all those outgrown clothes, Kinderstuff will buy back all their clothing for up to a 20% discount towards your future order. They then take these clothes and either donate to charity, recycle, or resell them as hand-me-downs on the website. And the best part is they pay for the return shipping!

Anything else that I need to know about Kinderstuff?

Yes! Unlike other clothing services Kinderstuff doesn’t charge a preset price and send you whatever they have in stock. Instead, you go the website and pick exactly what items you want. Right now the selection is small as they are a very new company. But their designers are working hard to bring more and more amazing products to their line up.

We were able to try out 2 items from Kinderstuff and I love them. Even after lots of washing and wear they still look great and are so soft. These have become my go to t-shirts for Miss Stalin.

Win It!

Kinderstuff has offered to host an incredible giveaway.  One lucky reader from the US will win their choice of item from the Kinderstuff website.  Use the easy form below to enter!

Giveaway ends 4/26/13. Winner will be selected and notified by 2/28/13. Open to anyone 18 and older in the Continental US.

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