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Make Your Holiday Easier with Schwan’s — Yellow Tennessee

Make Your Holiday Easier with Schwan’s


I admit that prior to a couple of weeks ago I have zero experience with Schwan’s Home Delivery. I know growing up, our neighbors used to get delivery’s from them. I still remember the yellow truck pulling up in their driveway.

So when I got the opportunity to work with Schwan’s and check out their food I was excited to try it.

Then this huge box showed up. And while I am not going to spoil the surprise about everything that was in it, I am going to tell you that Schwan’s has some great crab legs.

crab legs

I have a 7 year old who is very adventurous with food. He is willing to try anything and everything and for the past few months he has been bothering me to try crab legs. I wasn’t sure that he would love them though. So the idea of spending that much on a meal that he may or may not eat was not exactly my idea of a wise investment.

When he learned that we had crab legs in the box he was beyond excited.

And yes, he loved them.

Limited Edition King Crab Legs are wild caught from the Arctic waters of the North Pacific Ocean and immediately cooked and frozen while at sea. This helps deliver a sweeter, richer crab flavor. For an added bonus, our King Crab Legs are pre-scored making the shell easier to remove and the crabmeat inside more accessible.

Besides being so easy to crack open and eat, which by the way I loved, they were every bit as sweet and tender as I wanted. Served with some drawn butter and they were perfect.

The best part is they were so easy to prepare. I simply took from the freezer and steamed them for about 10 minutes. They turned out perfect.

During the holidays when things are always so crazy and busy but you still want a great meal, be sure to check out Schwan’s.

Have you ever ordered from Schwan’s?


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