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Modnique.com Shopping Made Easy — Yellow Tennessee

Modnique.com Shopping Made Easy

Christmas shopping can be very stressful. There are usually lists of everyone you need to buy for and then you have to try and come up with something that they will love.

I recently was invited to try out a site and then tell you all about it.

Modnique is a global fashion e-commerce company that was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Redondo Beach, Calif. Modnique runs boutique events for apparel, jewelry, shoes, handbags, watches, accessories, kids and beauty at up to 85% off retail. The company specializes in sourcing and shipping brands from around the world. New merchandise arrives daily and is featured in 36-72 hour sale events, while curated shops house inventory without an expiration date. Events and shops are sourced for the chic, international consumer and feature brand name items as well as emerging designers.


I was given a credit to check out Modnique and I spent hours browsing the site. I love outlet malls and shopping for the best deals, so this was my idea of heaven. Deal shopping in my pj’s.

As I was browsing the site I saw a lot of designers that are very well known. Clothing and accessories from names like Ivanka Trump, Kenneth Cole, Michael Kors and Cartier.


How about an $850 Gucci bag for only $539! It was hard not to give our credit card a major workout with deals like this.

Shopping on Modnique is a little different than most sites. Some items have very limited inventory and only come in select sizes. I found a dress I loved but they only had one in my size. It was already in someone else’s shopping cart. You have a limited time to purchase an item or it goes back on the virtual sales floor, giving some one else the chance to buy it. You get a little countdown clock to help you keep track.

But unlike other deal sites, every time you add something to your cart, the timers replenish on everything that is in your cart. The better the deal, the less time you have though, so make sure to watch your timers.

I never did score the adorable dress that was in someone else’s cart. But I did find some really adorable pieces for Miss Stalin. We are saving them for Christmas but I can’t wait! She is going to love them.

PicMonkey Collage

All of those outfits, shoes, and this one that is my favorite outfit:


I got them all for under $75. Score!

Modnique also offers free shipping on all orders over $99. Even though my order was under $99, I only paid $9.97 in shipping. I ordered everything on November 11th and if all showed up on November 18th. Not too bad.

Modnique also has a great 20 Days of Deals that started on November 7th. New deals are revealed at 6am PST every day. They even had iPad Minis for just $99.00 so I know the upcoming deals will be just as amazing.

You can keep track of each day’s deal by either visiting Modnique, the Modnique blog, or the Modnique Facebook Page.

Have you ever shopped at Modnique?

This review is part of a Splash Creative Media campaign on behalf of Modnique.com I have received a gift certificate for the purposes of this review. All opinions are my own!

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