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Scented Christmas Light Jars — Yellow Tennessee

Scented Christmas Light Jars

When I was pregnant with my oldest child (15 years ago o.O), I was taking care of my grandfather (who was, in turn, taking care of me!), and I went to a craft fair where someone put Christmas lights and potpourri in a jar for a pretty little table centerpiece.   This year, my mother needed some door prizes for a Christmas party at church, so I did a little spin on that old craft and came up with my Scented Christmas Light Jars!

Scented Christmas Light Jars

Here are the materials you need to get started.


  • Jar
  • Small strand of lights
  • Doilie
  • 3/4 in ribbon

You can use any of these materials to fill the inside of your jar

Decorative Materials

  • Small cinnamon pine cones
  • Ornaments
  • Baubles
  • Garland
  • Ribbon
  • Mesh
  • Any other small decorative items

Scented Christmas Light Jars

For this particular jar, I filled the bottom with small cinnamon scented pine cones as well as glitter covered balls.  Some of the pine cones were painted silver already, so they tied in perfectly with the silver glitter balls.

Next I kind of balled up the strand of lights and stuffed it in the jar letting the cord hang out.

After that, I filled the jar within an inch of the top with the remainder of my pine cones and glitter balls.

If the lights don’t fall into place, you can get a wooden spoon and push things around in the jar so that everything is spread out evently.

Take the doilie, and drape it over the mouth of the jar to decide where to weave the ribbon in and out of the holes.

Once you have your ribbon in place, tie it in a bow as a cover for your lighted jar.  Make sure you place your cor on the opposite (back) side of the bow.

Scented Christmas Light Jars

We were looking to spend less than $10 per door prize, and we did a great job at $8.37 for this particular jar!  Most of the decorations were split between more than one jar.

  • Jar – $2
  • Pine cones – $1
  • Lights – $2.50
  • Glitter Balls –  $1.67
  • Doilie – $1
  • Ribbon – $.20

If you already have some of these items, of course, you’ll get out a even cheaper for a great gift for family or friends or even a beautiful quick center piece or corner table decoration.

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