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Take Me Out To The Ball Game #SummerFun — Yellow Tennessee

Take Me Out To The Ball Game #SummerFun

I have mentioned before that I am from St Louis. But even with living in the south now we still love to do weekend trips up home. Not only can we see family and friends but St Louis is a great city to visit when you have kids. There is tons to do and most options are very affordable.

One of our favorite things to do is to see the St Louis Cardinals play. And if you watch for sales you can often catch a game for a great price.

We managed to take Genghis to see his very first Cardinals game and tickets were on sale for $4 each! For only $12 we had a family night out at the ball game.

Don't forget to wear your red!

Don’t forget to wear your red!

Of course the cost of food and drinks is still up there but with saving so much on tickets it was easier to handle.

The great thing about Cardinal games is even if you sit way up and can’t see that well, there is always something going on to keep the attention of little ones.

Have you ever shook hands with a donut?

Have you ever shook hands with a donut?

Genghis got to meet the mascot for Dunkin DoNuts and even scored himself a gift card.

At the end of the day, it was the best $12 we spent. It was a fun night out with lots of one of one family time. After having Miss Stalin, Genghis doesn’t have a lot of time with just us so this ended up being really priceless.

Cardinals Game 2

And the smile on his face let me know that he loved it just as much as I did.

Have you ever been to a Cardinals game?

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