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This Nog is too good to Hog! — Yellow Tennessee

This Nog is too good to Hog!

Hi! My name is Jenni. I blog over at Photo Bug Mama!

I am so pumped to be able to help Rachel out and share some of my holiday cheer with you by telling all about the recipe my family uses to make their Egg Nog.

It is way too good to keep to ourselves…

Now first off, this isn’t a hard or even time consuming thing to make. It pretty much just pulls itself together with your help. 😉

unnamed-1When you head to the store to pick up the ingredients, you will need to buy:

_ Half Gallon Egg Nog Ice Cream (Any kind will do)
_ 6 eggs
_Nutmeg (You may already have this on hand and that’s okay it’s just a pinch!)

_Spiced rum of your liking  otherwise  _ a small amount of milk



The rest is all quite simple.  “No Muss, No Fuss,” As my mama would say.


I only wanted a little so I did a 1/2 gallon and 3 eggs 🙂



First, you get a large bowl and beat 3 of the six eggs with 1/2 of the half gallon.


Here’s the beating process 🙂

You can choose to beat all of the ice cream and eggs together at one time, but that is gonna be a little more difficult  & with a mess most likely,unless you have a fancy mixing machine then it might work & neatly. 🙂

After all the eggs and ice cream are together, you will have a thick milkshake like mixture.


Adding some milk instead of alcohol.


The amount of milk I used

*The spiced rum can be added per glass or beat into the whole mixture. Beating allows for a fluffy light drink & the alcohol thins it out just enough to make it easier to drink. *If you prefer to make it without alcohol and don’t want it too thick, simply beat in a small amount of milk to thin it out 🙂

After you pick your poison 😉

splash a pinch of nutmeg on the top and waaalllaaaaa!


I hope you all enjoyed gaining a new holiday Egg Nog recipe that can be altered to everyone’s liking at your next get together!


Finished Product! YUM 🙂




Happy Holidays!

Jenni @ photobugmama.com