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Unique Christmas Cards with Minted — Yellow Tennessee

Unique Christmas Cards with Minted

Every year I set out to do Christmas cards. Then life happens and it just never gets done. Last year I was bound and determined to change that. And I actually had photos done and sent out Christmas cards. Yay me! This year I am going to continue the tradition. With the help of Minted.


Minted has beautiful card designs that are perfect for anyone, no matter your taste.

foil card

Just look at this beautiful foil stamped card. I love the depth you get out of it when the light hits it.

Maybe you are more of an functional type. Minted has these great Ornament cards. I love the idea of a Christmas card that doubles as an ornament. I think it will be really neat to look back on over the years.

ornament card

No matter what I know I will end up with one of the beautiful Minted Photo Christmas Cards. Photo cards are a great way to see year to year how much the kids have changed.


I opted for this adorable card.


One thing I really like most about Minted is that if you find a card you love, and have a coupon code to use, you can order your card, pay for it, but wait make any final changes to it.

I actually did this. I wanted this card but I also ordered some other things and I didn’t want to wait on those. We will have pictures done this weekend but my order is already started and paid for. All I have to do is add my photo.

Another great feature is that you will get a digital proof of your purchase before it is printed. This helps out with not only making sure it is visually appealing but also making sure that there are no spelling errors or misprints.

I wish I had this when I made up Miss Stalin’s birth announcements. Instead of putting 2011 as the year she was born, in my sleep deprived state they all said 2010. If only I had used Minted.com


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