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20 Random Facts about Me. — Yellow Tennessee

20 Random Facts about Me.

Lynsey over at Moscato Mom found this fun idea for some blog posts and a few of us decided to try it. The idea is simple. It is 30 Things My Kids Should Know.

30 Things my kids should know about me

Up first:

20 Random Facts about Me.

1. I hate doing housework. Sure the house will be clean, but it will never be a priority for me and it will never be as clean as it could be.

2. I met your Daddy 10 years before we got married.

3. I had no interest in getting to know your Dad or dating him when we first met.

4. I went to high school in South Africa.

5. I would be barefoot all the time if I could.


6. I always sleep naked. I cannot stand the way clothing twists and turns around you when you sleep. Always knock before you come in my room.

7. I was told I had about a 2% chance of ever having children. Because of this I decided I just would never have them.

8. Turns out my body is a little odd in that taking birth control pills make me ovulate and get pregnant.

9. Once I found out I was pregnant the first time, I said I would go back to work as soon as possible because I would be bored staying home all day. HA!

10. When I was in Jr High, I wanted to be the first woman Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

supreme court

11. I am deathly afraid of spiders.

12. The first time I shot a gun I fired one shot, then cried.

13. I hate laundry more than any other household chore. It never ends.

14. Our bedroom set belonged to my grandparents. For that reason, it will never be replaced.

15. I didn’t learn how to drive a stick shift until I was 37 years old.

stick shift

16. I played the french horn during elementary school.

17. I could eat fajitas every single day.

18. My favorite color is yellow.

19. Your Dad and I got married on a Wednesday. I moved in on Thursday and went back to work on Friday.

20. My favorite Disney character has always been Winnie the Pooh. I was like a child when I got to ‘meet him’.


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