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An angel named Hazel. Or the story of how I got a new washer! - Yellow Tennessee

An angel named Hazel. Or the story of how I got a new washer!

Happy Saturday! Just wanted to share a little gem about my week, hope yours was better!


You know when something bad happens you think, how could it get any worse? That has been my week.

So, my whole family was hit with a stomach bug this past week. That’s bad. Not “the world is going to end” bad, but just makes for a lousy week, considering the week before we were hit with pneumonia and ear infections. My oldest gets sick first and wouldn’t you know that same day my washing machine goes down? That’s when I dropped to my knees and shouted “NOOOOO!!!”

Okay, it wasn’t that dramatic *well it probably was* as my  husband had repaired it many times before except this time there was no fixing so off he went to plunk a new washer on the credit card. What we didn’t expect was that they couldn’t sell us the floor model so they had to order one and it would arrive in two days. No biggie.

I horded the puke laundry away from the rest of the house and then one by one the rest of us dropped like flies. And then another winter storm hit and we were froze/snowed in. And that delayed the washer by FIVE more days. Enter: Insanity.

Finally a plow came through and I booked it to the laundromat only to realize I forgot my wallet so I dug through my purse and managed enough for two loads of laundry.

Except I never turned on the machines.

So I sat for a half hour and checked and they still hadn’t started. Ugh. So I manage to get them started and thirty minutes later I hear a beep. Only one was done because I still hadn’t started the other!! Are you laughing at me yet? Me neither…

The next day the clouds parted and I heard the Hallelujah chorus in the distance as a beautiful white truck came pulling in my driveway.  I just about hugged the man but then I remembered that I was virus ridden and thought I’d spare him.

And this my friends is who I’ve been hanging out with the past two days, I’ve named her Hazel and she sings to me when she’s done washing. She’s a fancy pants LG Washer  who doesn’t really belong but we got her for a great deal thanks to price matching and a coupon. She’s pushed out a dozen loads of laundry so far and I can see the light at the end of our filthy tunnel.

FEB2014 009

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend, here’s to a new week!!

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Heather is a Michigan mom of two awesome boys and married to her High School sweetheart. When she is not blogging she is getting into mischief and blaming it on the dog, packing Angry Birds in her husband's lunch, and crying about getting older.