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Back from Tennessee and all I got was a new baby niece! - Yellow Tennessee

Back from Tennessee and all I got was a new baby niece!

I hope you all will forgive me while I take a minute and gush! I was in Tennessee  last week snuggling a sweet baby girl!

My sister, who is my best friend, gave birth last Saturday after 51 hours of labor and a c section to her first and only child, Evelyn aka Evie!

I have two boys so having a girl in my life to dote on *without having to give birth ;)* is pretty special and fun! Knowing all my sister went through for Evie, that just makes me even more protective of them both.

You see, my sister tried for years to get pregnant, having several miscarriages along the way only to be told she’d never successfully carry a pregnancy to term if she was able to get pregnant again at all. So she started the adoption process when a sudden life change hit her that she had to completely rearrange her life as she knew it. Fast forward two years and she got pregnant again and stayed pregnant! She was immediately put into high risk and lo and behold this baby stuck! The baby had several health issues in utero and then my sister developed preeclampsia so she made it to 36 weeks before being induced. Evie was born with a hole in her spine and a brain hemorrhage which miraculously has caused no problems. The doctors see them both making a good recovery!

I’m now back home in MI with my boys and husband, hiding from the snow and ice we got-Tennessee had some gorgeous weather that I tried to take with me but it was stubborn and didn’t want to leave!

Stay tuned for some great baby items I get to share with you in honor of my new niece! Happy weekend to all!

My mom and I meeting Evie for the first time!

My mom and I meeting Evie for the first time!

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Heather is a Michigan mom of two awesome boys and married to her High School sweetheart. When she is not blogging she is getting into mischief and blaming it on the dog, packing Angry Birds in her husband's lunch, and crying about getting older.