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Check out these must have baby shower gift ideas! - Yellow Tennessee

Check out these must have baby shower gift ideas!

August is not only World Breastfeeding month, but it also has one of the highest birth rates of any other month in the United States! My youngest was born in August so I can can only add to those statistics! So if you are like me, you find yourself invited to many a baby shower during this time of year. I try to give my friends and family gifts that are useful and something that they might not have otherwise received-here are a few ideas that you might like to pass along!

The Lillie Rue Nursing gown from PatientStyle is beautiful and soft, perfect for relaxing and nursing! It makes a great gown if you are in the hospital-sure beats those hospital gowns! Made to be soft and comfortable for both mom and baby, it has hidden yet convenient flaps to make nursing easier. The gown is much prettier in person and it’s made in a one size fits most which makes it less worrisome when gift shopping!

Another company I just discovered about and just LOVE is Spoonful of Comfort. Just like it’s name suggests, it delivers comfort right to your home in the form of homemade deliciousness. I was sent a Chicken Soup care package and it was amazing. I am not kidding. It came with homemade soup, cookies, rolls, tea, an adorable owl baby spoon, and a beautiful stainless soup ladle. Everything was packaged beautifully and the soup really did taste just like my moms. There was a true comfort to this meal, and to have it delivered-what family with a new baby wouldn’t love that?
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I’ll have more ideas to post soon! And I’d like to take a minute to gush about the new sweet baby girl that was born just last week-my sweet niece Mya has broke the mold of all the boys we have and she is going to be well loved by her big brother and cousins!

Note: Items were provided for review, all opinions are my own.

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