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Valentine Craft Ideas! Duct Tape Crayon Roll Valentine Craft — Yellow Tennessee

Valentine Craft Ideas! Duct Tape Crayon Roll Valentine Craft

Since we home school there are little things that we don’t do. We don’t dress up for the 100th day of school. We don’t have a crazy dress day. And we don’t usually exchange Valentine’s Day cards with a class.

valentine craft ideas

This year we are involved in a home school co-op and the kids are exchanging Valentine’s. I knew I wanted to do something a little fun, a little different. I wanted this to be something that Genghis would remember doing.

I got an email introducing me to the Scotch® Color & Pattern Duct Tape and asking if I wanted to try some out to create a Valentine’s Day craft. Um, yes! I had no idea what we would use it for but was looking forward to trying something new.


These fun patterns and colors showed up! I also teach 2nd grade art at the co-op so I thought it would be fun to also incorporate a little something ‘artsy’ in the cards.

DIY Duct Tape Crayon Roll Valentine Craft

What you need:

Construction paper, any color, cut in half.
1 or 2 colors of the Scotch Duct Tape (wide rolls).
1 or 2 colors of the Scotch Duct Tape (thin rolls) optional.
String or yarn.
Valentine’s Tags.

To start cut 4 strips of the wide tape and cover one side of the paper with it. I left lots of extra hanging off the edges to trim up at the end.

Flip your paper over and repeat with either the same tape or a different color. We used hot pink on one side of ours, and the pink leopard patterned tape on the other.

valentine craft ideas

Now take 2 strips of the thin tape or 1 strip of the wide tape. If you use the thin strips, press them together to make a wider strip.

Then use more tape and tape off little sections on the wide strip. This will be the holder for the crayons. You don’t want to go all the way to the bottom, so it sticks well.


Then place this at the bottom of the large piece you made. Trim up the edges to make it all pretty.

Add a crayon into each pocket and roll up.

Use a piece of yarn or string and thread your tag through it. Then tie around your roll.

valentine craft ideas

For the tags I found these adorable printable Valentine’s Day school lunch notes. She has one sheet with little notes already on them and another sheet blank. I used just the blank and then we wrote ‘You color my world, Valentine’.

For other craft ideas you can visit the Scotch Duct Tape gallery for ideas and how to’s.

I received samples of the Scotch Colors and Patterns Duct Tape to use for this craft. No other compensation was given, all opinions are my own.

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