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Matching Christmas PJs from Chasing Fireflies — Yellow Tennessee

Matching Christmas PJs from Chasing Fireflies

We have a few holiday traditions that I love. My most favorite one started when I was little girl. Every year on Christmas Eve we always got a new pair of PJ’s to wear to bed that night. While it is not a new tradition and not one that is exclusive to my family, it is one that I love being able to carry on with my children. They know that every single year on Christmas Eve they are going to get a new pair of pajamas.

Chasing Fireflies pj's

This year we are doing something a little bit differently. Normally it is just the kids who get new pajamas on Christmas Eve. But this year my mom is flying in and will be spending 5 days with us for Christmas. To celebrate this I wanted to do matching pajamas.

Then I heard about Chasing Fireflies. Oh, I could spend hours on the site looking over all the amazing things they have to offer. Their selection of pajamas alone is staggering. My favorite part is that not only do they have an amazing selection of matching pajamas for everyone in the family but you can also get personalized pjs and tees.

I went with the Adult Personalized Red Candy Stripe PJs for us. After looking over the site and trying to decide if I wanted to match the kids with ours or do something a little different. Just look at all that Chasing Fireflies has to offer.

Chasing Fireflies Personalized PJs

I decided that the kids would think it was most fun to match their pajamas with mommy, daddy, and Grandma. They got the Kids Personalized Red Candy Stripe PJs. And they are just as perfect as the others.

Chasing Fireflies matching pajamas

Look at how perfectly adorable they are. Even my husband has agreed that is a great idea and is going to humor me and wear his new pj’s. And I can’t wait until Christmas Eve when we all go to bed in our perfectly matching pjs. I am currently the only one who has tried on my new PJs. Everyone else has to wait until Christmas Eve to get theirs. They are so wonderfully soft and comfortable.

Chasing Fireflies Red Candy Stripe pj's

Have you ever done matching, personalized PJs for Christmas?

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