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Stop Biting Your Nails with Jamberry - Yellow Tennessee

Stop Biting Your Nails with Jamberry

I am 39 years old and I am a nail biter. I always have been. When I worked full time I paid to have acrylic nails put on. And I even managed to bite my nails under the acrylics. Yep, hardcore biter. When I was young my mom would paint this awful tasting clear polish on my nails in an effort to keep me from biting them. I would scrape the polish off with my teeth and then bite my nails. Nothing worked.

Stop biting your nails with Jamberry

Then I heard of Jamberry nails and I was intrigued. The idea that my nails could be cute and fun while not biting them was exciting.

jamberry logo

I noticed my 3 year old daughter was biting her nails and I knew I had to really work on breaking this habit.

May 27th, exactly one week after I turned 39 I decided I was going to stop biting my nails. Right before that a great friend of mine wanted to know if I wanted to do a review for Jamberry Nails. It was perfect timing and I was looking forward to trying them out.

Haven’t heard of Jamberry? Or maybe you have but you aren’t sure exactly what they are. Jamberry is the brain child of three sisters who after spending a small fortune getting manicures and pedicures decided there had to be a better way. A short time later, Jamberry was born. They are a small adhesive that you activate with heat and then attach to your nail. The benefit is that there is no smudges, no chips, no fading. And best of all they last. Up to 2 weeks on your hands and up to 6 weeks on your toes.

Jamberry Starter Kit

For the review I got a starter kit of sorts. I was able to chose the designs I wanted to try and I was sent, 4 sheets of wraps, a mini heater, and an application kit with cuticle oil! Of course I also got some instructions on how to apply them.

Miss Stalin and I got started right away. For the wraps I picked 3 full sets and one Jamberry junior wraps. You can cut and trim any of the full sets to fit smaller nails or you can order a set made just for nails up to the age of 8.

If your little one is anything like mine, she loves having her nails painted. But I hate the idea of basically painting chemicals on her hands and feet. This is why I love the wraps. They are totally safe for her. Plus she loves them. As an added bonus Jamberry also sells nail lacquer with none of the nasty chemicals found in other polishes.

Now back to the wraps….

Jamberry Wraps

There are a couple of different application methods that I tried. One is a cold method. You start by placing the wrap on your nail and moving it until you get it in just the right spot. Then you add heat, smooth it out and trim if needed. We tried this to start as I figured that with not having any experience with them it would be easier to get them just right before I applied the heat.

The other method is to heat the wrap with a hair dryer or a mini heater, then apply. Smooth and repeat as needed until happy. Then trim the wrap to the size of your nail. I actually ended up preferring the heat method more. I was able to get a better seal this way.

Jamberry Juniors

I was most surprised about how well they held up. I use a lot of lotion, and wear socks and shoes often, and I am on my feet a lot. After just over 6 weeks I had to change the wraps on my toes.


But the best part? I quit biting my nails! That’s right. It has now been about 7 weeks and not only have I not bit them but I have even had to trim them a couple of times. I love being able to play around with different wraps and polishes. Plus my hands look so much nicer with longer nails.

5 weeks, no biting with Jamberry

Besides being a great product that I know you will love, you can also look into hosting a Jamberry party. You can do a Facebook party or an in home party. And if you wind up loving them so much, you can even become a Jamberry independent consultant and sell Jamberry yourself.

Now how about a giveaway?

One lucky reader will recieve their choice of 4 sheets of wraps, a mini heater, and an application kit with cuticle oil. This is an $84 value. Use the simple form below to enter.

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