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Weekend 10! — Yellow Tennessee

Weekend 10!

The long weekend has just ended and now it is back to the grind. We celebrated our time in grand fashion.

Friday we decided we should get out of the house for awhile. We planned a stop to get some stuff hubby needed for work and then we were going to get lunch and take the kids out to a splash pad.

After just over an hour drive through the part of Memphis you don’t want to break down in, we arrived at our first stop. And realized that hubby left his wallet with the company credit card in it at home.

Another two and a half hours later and we made it back and were able to pick up what we set out for in the first place.

Splash pad was out by this point so we went in search of some food.

Cracker barrel

Thankfully even though the day ended with nothing but a meal out and quick stop at Redbox, everyone came home happy. Who knew Cracker Barrel could solve so many problems?


Hey, a day out of the house is still a day out of the house.

Saturday was the final celebration for my birthday. T-bone steaks, homemade rigatoni quattro formaggi, and bread.


And of course cake! I was spoiled this year.


To make up for the splash pad that the kids had no idea we were going to, we let them run through the sprinklers.


I don’t know who had more fun.

Them playing,


Or me taking pictures. I took 244.


We built a shooting bench.

Shooting bench

Truth be told, my husband built it and I helped.

He also built me a couple of picture frames.


Ladies, he is a handy one to have around.

Monday we spent the afternoon shooting.


Somebody had to break in that new shooting bench.

And I got to use my new camera all weekend to take lots and lots of pictures.

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