What You Need To Know If You’re Traveling Alone

Traveling is an amazing experience that many live for. You feel free and ready to tackle all of the exciting opportunities that you know are coming. It’s okay to travel alone, but be smart and know what you’re doing before embarking on your next … [Continue reading]

4 Ways To Spend More Time As A Family

It’s common for families to drift apart as members of the same group age and mature. That’s why it’s important to schedule quality time where you can talk and engage with one another. It’s not enough to wish that it happens, but someone has to take … [Continue reading]

Know Your Body, Address Your Health

This post has been sponsored by MONISTAT®. All thoughts and opinions are, as always, 100% my own. I'm a 42 year old woman. Not exactly old, but not exactly a child anymore. With that age comes knowing my body better and better. Our bodies go … [Continue reading]

Creating Smiles with a Goldfish® Snack Mix Recipe

Back to school is almost here. While many kids are excited, many don't always look forward to it. The long, fun days of summer are behind us and now comes the new routines of homework, bedtimes, and alarm clocks. To help make smiles with back to … [Continue reading]

How to Get Down with the Games Your Kids Are Playing

As a parent, it can be really easy to get out of sync with the video games that your children are playing. Video games are a big thing, and it can be really easy to feel lost when it comes to some of the things they may be talking about when they … [Continue reading]

Spring into Portrait Innovations

Portrait Innovations

This post has been sponsored by Portrait Innovations. All thoughts and reviews are, as always, 100% my own. It has been a couple of years since we had family photos done. I loved them and still have them hanging up. But in that short time the … [Continue reading]

Easter and PEEPS Go Hand in Hand

The PEEPS & COMPANY® products, information, and additional gift pack have been provided by PEEPS & COMPANY®. All opinions are as always, 100% my own. It is almost Easter and that means my favorite treats are now available. When I was a kid, I … [Continue reading]

Why You Should Get a Masters In Gerontology

Masters In Gerontology

Choosing a masters can be one of the hardest academic decisions you’ll ever make; your choice can determine the rest of your working life. If gerontology is one of your interests, than a masters in gerontology may be perfect for you. You Want To … [Continue reading]