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12 Weeks — Yellow Tennessee

12 Weeks

I can promise you that tonight I will have the hubby take a picture of me.  I have been lacking in my promise to take one picture a week. 

I am 12 weeks today and still tired all the time.  Still nauseous a lot.  I have had a couple of really bad days where no matter what I do, I throw up all day long.  A couple weeks ago I got really sick with a nasty sinus infection.  I ended up in the ER with a asthma attack.  So now I have an inhaler and I have to watch what I do.  I still have not gained any weight but rather have lost about 4 pounds.  I think that is because all I crave is fresh fruit and the thought of drinking soda is disgusting.  So I haven’t had a drop of soda in over a month. 

This week the circulatory system, pancreas, and liver begin functions.  Baby can open mouth and wiggle fingers.  Hair and nails begin to grow.  And the amniotic fluid begins to accumulate as the baby’s kidneys begin to produce and excrete urine.  Wow.  It seems like such a big week.  A functioning liver, hair, finger nails.  And I am so close to the second trimester and the hope of feeling better. 

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