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9 Weeks — Yellow Tennessee

9 Weeks

Well I am 9 weeks today.  I feel like I have reached some sort of milestone this week.  Even though nothing has really changed I am closer to the second trimester and hopeful that I will start feeling better.

This week the hands flex at the wrist, the tongue begins to develop and the intestines begin to move out of the umbilical cord and into the baby’s abdomen.  There are also visible fingers and toes.  Baby is still roughly the size of a kidney bean.

I still feel horrible.  Even though I feel so different than I did when I was pregnant with Genghis, I still feel like crap.  I am tired all the time, I am constantly nauseous although I rarely throw up, and I am so moody this time.  I am either crabby or crying lately and that makes for a miserable mommy.  But only another 4 to 5 weeks until I should start feeling better, and I am ready! 

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