But Is It Still Worth It?

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At some point in our lives we have all purchased a product that we were either really impressed with or flat out disappointed.  There are countless sites dedicated to helping you pick the best product on the market.  But what about 3 months down the road?  What about 1 year down the road?

We all expect our purchases to work for us as soon as we get them but how are they holding up over the long haul?  If you are anything like me it does not matter if you paid $3, $30, $300 or even $3,000 for an item.  We expect it to do what it says it will do and to continue to work for us.

So where do you go to find out if that item you are wanting is Still Worth It after you the initial purchase?  I have just the place for you.

StillWorthIt.com is a new online review site.  But instead of just focusing on a product and how it works out of the box, this site asks reviews to go one step further.  By telling how well an item has held up after some use you can be sure you are buying the right product for you and your family.

From the website: 
Have you ever purchased an item you spent time researching, only to find out it fell apart 3 months after you bought it? Or maybe a product you have purchased has held up so well you are still using it years later! StillWorthIt.com is a consumer opinion site where the public can leave a review about how a product has held up over time. This way you can be an even more educated consumer when you venture out to make your purchases.
Rarely do opinion based websites mention anything long term. Usually a consumer buys a product, uses it once or twice and writes up a review. They may only write up a review when they are unhappy with the products performance. This unfortunately doesn’t always give us the big picture.

StillWorthIt.com has just gone live yesterday (November 16) so there are many reviews that still need to be done. This is where you come in!

From now until December 10, 2010 anyone who registers for StillWorthIt.com and either does a post or review on a product or leaves a comment on any of the existing reviews will be entered to win some great prizes.

The grand prize winner will receive an Amazon Kindle and a $25 Amazon Kindle gift card. The runner up will win a $50 gift card to Best Buy.*

As usual do not forget to like Still Worth It on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

What is that one item you just had to have?  And tell me readers, is it Still Worth It

*This is open to US and Canadian residents. In the event a Canadian wins the runner up prize, they will receive $50 sent via PayPal in leau of the Best Buy gift card.

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