Ice Box Bakery Review Holiday Gift Guide

Sorry but due to an error on my part, this is for review only. I apologize.

There is nothing better than the smell of fresh baked cookies.  But as a busy mom we don’t always have time to bake our own.  Sure you can buy premade cookies but with all the preservatives and additives in them they are no where near as good as homemade. 

So what’s a busy mom supposed to do?  Let me introduce you to one of my newest secrets.  Ice Box Bakery.

Ice Box Bakery makes cookie dough using only premium and pure ingredients, just like you would do at home. In most cases, doing the right thing comes at a higher cost. Ice Box believes that doing the right thing is well worth the cost.

With ingredients ranging from real butter, pure cane sugar and real vanilla, these cookies are as good as what you can make yourself, but only require baking.  They even have a gluten free option. 

Ice Box Bakery produces premium, all-natural, ready-to-bake cookie dough made in small, individual batches. Using only the finest wholesome ingredients, including real creamery butter (never hydrogenated shortening or oils!), pure cane sugar, and pure vanilla, Ice Box Bakery makes baking delicious homemade cookies quick, convenient, and fun to do, for even the busiest families. Quick-wrapped to ensure “fresh from the mixing bowl” flavor and sold in the refrigerated section, our dough is pre-rolled and can be easily sliced by even the smallest hands.

For this review I received my choice of three flavors to try. I went with the Deluxe Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip and Double Dutch Chocolate. Can you tell I am a big chocolate fan?

I have to tell you I was not disappointed. These cookies are so easy to make and they taste wonderful. Just this past week the husband was asking for peanut butter cookies. While getting the ingredients ready to make him a batch, Genghis informed me that he wanted chocolate chip cookies. Thank goodness for Ice Box Bakery. While I was making the dough for the peanut butter cookies I popped the Ice Box Bakery Deluxe Chocolate Chip cookies into the oven. Everyone got what they wanted and I only had to make up one batch of cookies.

Every variety we tried was great.  And I love the ease of having fresh baked cookies without all the work.  Plus knowing I was not feeding my family a lot of ingredients that are not good for them, makes Ice Box Bakery an easy choice for premade cookie dough.  

Buy It:  Ice Box Bakery dough is sold at finer grocery and natural food stores (such as Whole Foods) across the country.  You can use their store locator to find a retailer near you. 

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