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If I Could Keep You Little Review — Yellow Tennessee

If I Could Keep You Little Review

As a mom I know we all have those days when it seems that our children will never get all the lessons we are trying to teach.  We wonder if we are talking to ourselves and by bedtime we feel wore out and ready to run away and hide.  

I wish I could tell you this book would help on those days.  Unfortunately it is not a guide on dealing with children on their bad days.  However, it will remind you of why you are doing it.

If I Could Keep You Little is a sweet, inspiring book that will speak straight to a parent’s heart, exploring the powerful feeling that every parent has, the push and pull feeling of wanting your child to grow while savoring and holding on to every moment. 
‘If I could keep you little,
I’d decide on matching clothes. 
But then I’d miss you choosing 
Dots on top and stripes below.

If I could keep you little
I’d cut your bread into shapes.
But then I’d miss you finding
‘Hey! I like ketchup with my grapes!’

About the Author:  Marianne Richmond started as her own greeting card company and has become a recognized creator of numerous books that celebrate milestones in life, memorable journeys, and relationships.  Since her first book in 1997, Gift of An Angel, writer and artist Marianne Richmond has touched the lives of millions over the past decade through her line of greeting cards and gift books.  
I am not sure if reviewing this book while pregnant and hormonal was the best idea.  The day it came I flipped through it quickly and decided to save it for bedtime.  With Genghis snuggled up on my lap we read the book.  With each page I found myself feeling a little more weepy.  Not that I don’t want him to grow up of course.  But because it really is such a bittersweet thing.  Everyday I learn more and more about the person he is growing up to be.  While everyday I sit there and wonder how in the world he is almost 5 years old.  Wasn’t it just yesterday that we brought him home from the hospital?  

By the last page I was no longer weepy but instead outright crying.  

‘If I could keep you little,
I’d keep you close to me.
But then I’d miss you growing
into who you’re meant to be.’

That last page sums the entire journey of parenthood up so well.  On one hand we would love nothing more than to keep them little forever.  Oh, but then the things we would miss out on.  And while I would still love to find a way to slow down the clock just a little bit, I am thoroughly enjoying watching Genghis grow into exactly who he is meant to be. 

Overall I love this book.  It really speaks to you as a parent and the entire range of emotions you feel with raising children.  But I love that it is done in such a way that children enjoy it.  I have to say that reading it on a particularly emotional day may not be the best idea, but at the same time it allowed me to share a mommy secret with Genghis.  That while it is a good and wonderful thing that he is growing up, it also makes all mommies a little sad that they are growing up so quickly.  

At which point Genghis stroked my cheek and said, ‘Don’t worry mommy.  I will always be with you as long as I live here.’  That’s my boy! 

Buy It:  You can pick up your copy of If I Could Keep You Little… on Amazon for $10.87.  

Disclaimer/Disclosure:  I received a copy of If I Could Keep You Little…  for the purpose of this review.  No other compensation was given. 

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