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Mad Men Vignettes — Yellow Tennessee

Mad Men Vignettes

I love TV commercials.   They can be entertaining, funny, and even touching.  A well made commercial gets the brand across while creating a memorable experience.  
Of course we have all heard of the phenomenon that is the show Mad Men.   During the course of Mad Men, there will be several vignettes that will highlight brands that we all know and love.  

These vignettes showcase how a fictional 1960s ad agency, SmithWinterMitchell, develops campaigns for the six iconic Unilever brands, combining witty historic parody with modern ad footage.  They also showcase these iconic brands and celebrate their heritage on a hit show that is culturally and contextually relevant.

The Smith Winter Mitchell Agency stands for many things, but no mission is more important than always expanding the creative and entertainment boundaries of advertising.  Recently, Smith Winter Mitchell Agency has hit a hot streak landing a host of big accounts, which include Dove, Breyers, Hellmann’s, Klondike, Suave Hair, and Vaseline.

You can view each of these vignettes on its own dedicated YouTube channel.  Be sure to check them out here and let me know what you think.  And be sure to check out Mad Men every Sunday night on AMC at 10pm EST. 
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