Moving On Up…

I know I have been so bad about posting and keeping up with the blog.  For that I am very sorry.  While I cannot promise you that it is going to get better right away, I can promise you that I am working on getting back into a normal routine. 

In the meantime my posting may become even more sporadic than it already is.  We are gearing up for a move.  While the move is not a far one, it still requires packing.  So this next week I will be knee deep in packing tape and boxes.  The power gets shut off in the old place on Friday the 19th and we should be in the new place on Tuesday the 23rd.  For the weekend we are staying with my mother in law. 

I have some really great giveaways lined up for the holidays and plan to get those posted this week between packing.  But other than that, I am not sure how much other posting will be done. 

Then if all goes well I will be back after the Thanksgiving holiday, ready to give you tons and tons of deals in time for Christmas. 

For all those that have stuck with me while I have tried to find a new balance between blogging and being pregnant, thank you.  And while I know that I still have 3 months to go, I am feeling pretty good and confidant that I can keep it up until the baby gets here. 

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