Waves of Gratitude

As we approach Mother’s Day this year I am on the look out for unique gifts that you may be able to use.  Some are great deals, others are just meaningful.  While looking around I stumbled across Waves Of Gratitude. 

Waves of Gratitude, founded by Cheryl Nordyke and Kim Wierman, is a company that exists because of their belief that when life presents you with professional and personal difficulties a strong foundation of gratitude can help turn those difficulties into opportunities. That is exactly what Cheryl and Kim did.

Their resolve to build a future based on a foundation of gratitude was unwavering. They created an online store to give everyone the opportunity to “wear” powerful symbols of gratitude: jewelry and apparel that is not only beautiful but has meaning.

One of my favorite pieces that Waves of Gratitude has is the Branches of Hope Necklace.

Inspired by the strength and magnificence of the Cyprus tree, the
beautiful and stylish Branches of Hope pendant design by Jessica Fields
symbolizes the true meaning of hope: to believe, desire, or trust. The
Swarovski crystal in the color earth green reminds the wearer to find
harmony in nature. For those that have a love gardening, desire to show their commitment to be eco-friendly, or simply find inspiration in the outdoors.

This necklace reminds me of family and the idea that no matter what is going on in your life your family is there to support you.  They have such beautiful pieces in not only necklaces but also rings, bracelets and pendants.  They even have apparel.  So if you are looking for a one of a kind gift, be sure to head over to Waves of Glory first!


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