How to Make Cloth Nursing Pads

As a breastfeeding mom I was on the hunt for some cloth nursing pads.  With one income, paying $9 a box for the disposable pads seemed insane.  Then as luck would have it I stumbled across a post from Kindred Spirit Mommy.  And I realized I could make my own.  Score!  So I set out this week to make them. 

What you need:
  • Scrap Material (can be flannel, cotton fleece, even cloth diapers).
  • Scissors.
  • A CD, small bowl or a nursing pad to trace your shape. 
  • Sewing machine (or if you are hardcore a needle and thread will work).
Step one:  Trace the shape of your nursing pad onto the fabric you are going to use.  

Step two:  Layer your material as thick or thin as you want it.  The thing I love about this is they are completely customizable.  For mine I used 3 layers of flannel (can you say old receiving blanket) and one layer of Imagine Prefold diapers.

Step three:  Using your sewing machine, or needle and thread for all you who rock it old school, sew around the diameter of the cloth.  Depending on how proficient you are at sewing you can  do a zigzag stitch or be like me and just use a straight stitch.  

You should end up with something that resembles a cloth coaster made by a child:

Using your scissors or if you are fancy your pinking shears, cut around the edge of the stitching to clean up your edges.  

And viola, you now have your very own reusable cloth nursing pads.  I love these.  They are very soft, extremely comfortable and do not show through my clothing.  My true torture test will come tonight when I see how well these bad boys absorb.  But the great thing is if I need more absorbency, I can make some thicker ones for nighttime use. 

Thank you so much Kindred Spirit Mommy for the how to.  Trust me all, if I can make these, anyone can make them! 
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