A Better World: Facebook Game Review

I have to admit that I have a love hate relationship with the games on Facebook. On one hand I love them. They are fun, a good distraction and totally addictive. On the other hand they take up so much of my time and I end up staying up way to late at night to play them. When I was given the chance to play and review a brand new game on Facebook, I jumped at the chance. I mean I can sleep when I am dead, right?

Enter A Better World, the game that encourages you do do good deeds. A Better World rewards players for not only doing kind and thoughtful things for other players within the game, but also for doing good out in the real world. Developed by by ToonUps, a digital entertainment company, the ultimate goal is to create a new genre of games in which the main purpose is to do good for others and be thankful for the good done for you.

Gameplay activities are designed to help everyone who participates feel better about themselves, be supportive of others and make positive choices in their everyday lives. Players also can play mini games with inspirational themes; personalize their own characters and spaces in the game and play with and care for virtual pets.

As with most games you start out by creating your player. You can pick everything from hair and eye color to the shape of your face. Even naming your player is family friendly, it does not allow any names that could be considered adult. Toonups also incorporated another great feature in game privacy. You can decide who (friends only or everyone) can see you, your activity and your Facebook profile link while in the game. This makes it safe for all members of the family to play.

In A Better World your goal is to get rewards (“good gold”) for doing good and get rewards for supporting others who are doing good. You can then use your Good Gold to purchase special in-game items. Items range from clothing to shoes to furniture for you home. There are 15 locations within the world in which you can spread the good, including:

• Department of Do Good. A place you can share real world good deeds you’ve performed and see what other members of the community have done

• Gratitude Grotto. A charming area where you can reveal what you are thankful for and express your support for messages left by others

• Sanctuary of Hope. A building where you can communicate your hopes and dreams and send encouragement to other players

• Arcade. A play area with uplifting mini-games to enjoy alone or with friends

As the game progresses and you do more good deeds, your home grows. New rooms will appear and the size will increase. You can then use your good gold to buy new furniture and update you home. You can also show your appreciation for your fellow players. Things such as the Heart Cart allow you to send and receive heart gifts and notes.

Check out the A Better World Trailer to see some fun in-game actions:

A Better World has already attracted over 120,000 players and counting. But keep in mind while playing this game is still in the Beta stage. Some lag and slow parts are normal as with any game.

One thing I would add to the game, they are already working on. More locations and more activities. There is still more than enough activities to keep you busy for now and the goals of the day change to allow some variety.

It is a little difficult to find some of the locations. Like the Department of Do Good is located inside the Town Hall. But with some exploring, you can find everything.

Ready to do good in A Better World? Head over to A Better World on Facebook to get started. While you’re there you can also like the A Better World fan page to meet other players and to be included in game updates, features and special announcements. You can also Follow ToonUps on Twitter.

For more game tips and character bios you can check out the official site at http://abetterworld.com/

I was given the opportunity to share my thoughts and opinions on A Better World. I received a gift card as a thank you for my participation. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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