A Mother’s Guide to Staying Strong

A Mother’s Guide to Staying Strong

Life as a mother is hard enough without complicating things with financial struggle. The story all too familiar. People are losing their jobs, and it isn’t easy to find work. The situation only gets harder when you try to think about how you are going to pay for a babysitter, nanny, or preschool. Solutions like getting a college degree seem out of reach because the time simply isn’t there. Many women can even start to blame themselves for their situation, telling themselves that they should be better than this.

Don’t Blame Yourself

In reality, blaming yourself only complicates the problem. It provides you with additional stress, and robs you of your motivation. You need to stay positive if you want to make it through this. The emotional strain is the biggest threat that you face. No amount of financial distress will put you in a situation where your life is at risk, even if that might be how it feels.

Change Your Outlook

The first thing that you can do to improve your situation is to simply alter your outlook. How bad can it really get? If you are finding it difficult to pay for your mortgage, you might be foreclosed. This doesn’t mean you can’t move into an apartment or even a friend’s house if you need to.

If you are consistently running late on payments, you might end up bankrupt. Yes, it will hurt your credit rating, which means it will be difficult to buy things that you can’t pay for upfront. It doesn’t mean that you’ll never be able to buy a home or car again. It certainly doesn’t mean that your life is over.

Be Open

No matter what your situation looks like, there is a way through it. You should always be open and honest about your financial situation with your family. If it looks like there could be tough times ahead, don’t try to hide the fact that things might change. That said, you should remain positive and hopeful about the situation. Change isn’t always a bad thing. Downsizing your home could mean more money leftover for small luxuries. Bankruptcy means that you won’t have to deal with creditors on the phone, constantly hounding your for every cent.

There are Solutions

None of the above means that you should resign yourself to your fate. It simply means that there is no reason to allow yourself to become anxious or depressed about your situation, because even what we might consider a “worst case scenario” isn’t as bad as we might tell ourselves. There are things that you can do to improve your situation.

– You can talk to a credit counselor who can help you resolve some of your unsecured debts.
– You can get in touch with government agencies to provide you with Food Stamps
– WIC (Women Infants and Children) can help provide you with additional food
– Talk to the Department of Labor about Unemployment compensation
– Get in touch with Temporary Assistance for Needy Families if your situation starts to look desperate

Ways to Earn Extra Income

If you can’t find a better job this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to resign yourself explicitly to government programs in order to improve your income situation. There are things that you can do to earn supplemental income, some of which can be accomplished without even leaving the home.

To say that you should spend less than you earn is good advice, but it might be even better to phrase it the other way around. To say that you should earn more than you spend promotes the idea that there is something you can do about your income.

For starters, you can become involved in direct sales, multi-level marketing, party planning, and so forth. This industry has a reputation for being overly enthusiastic about the potential to make money doing it. Don’t fool yourself. It’s almost impossible to earn a full-time income in this way, but you can certainly supplement your income with it.

Other choice is to work as a mystery shopper. Again, this certainly won’t make you rich, but it’s a good way to earn residual income.

If you need significant income and you need it soon, one possibility you might not have considered is egg donation. Acting as a surrogate or an egg donor is serious, and it shouldn’t be done frivolously or strictly to make money.

Another option is to start earning some extra income working online. There are several services that will pay you to write and get paid by the word. Another option would be to start your own blog and use it to collect advertising money. If you are are the chatty type and you like to gossip, it’s not difficult to develop a following for your blog on Facebook and Twitter. There is the potential to make some serious money this way if you dedicate a great deal of time and energy toward it, but even the hobbyist can collect some extra cash in this way.

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