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Are Smartphones Making Us Lazy? — Yellow Tennessee

Are Smartphones Making Us Lazy?

I am all about products that make our lives easier. As the mom of 2 kids, I am constantly on the lookout for things to help me out. But I started to wonder, are our smartphones making us lazy?

I was watching TV with Tom and he kept looking over next to him at the end table. I asked what he was doing. Turns out his phone alerts him when he has an email. So he kept looking at it to see if he had one. Of course his laptop is literally 2 feet away from him. All he has to do is bend over, pick it up and check his email.

I of course argued the point that I think these phones were made for when we are away from our computers. He then informed me that he was away from his laptop. It was on the floor and he was in the chair.

Too bad his phone can’t tell him when he needs to throw away a piece of paper.

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