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Ark Music Factory Searches for the next Star — Yellow Tennessee

Ark Music Factory Searches for the next Star

Ark Music Factory has partnered with Good Morning America to find and develop America’s next viral music star. Ark Music Factory and Good Morning America recently embarked on a search to find a hidden pop music talent. Through a weekend’s worth of word-of-mouth, online promotion, radio shout outs on Los Angeles’ 97.1 FM AMP Radio and hosting auditions at LA malls, the Ark Music Factory team and GMA producers identified their candidate: fourteen year-old Lexi St.George of Palmdale, California. On June 27th, Good Morning America started a series of stories on the talent search and development of Lexi St. George.

Now 10 more contestants have their chance to follow in Lexi’s footsteps. The winner will receive:

* Custom made song written by Ark Music Factory founder Patrice Wilson
* A hit track recording at a LA recording studio
* Full length music video produced by Ark
* The chance for distribution to millions of fans across the Ark network

Winner will be determined by popular vote. From now until September 2nd, you can help Ark find the next star. You may vote once per day for as many contestants as you want.

Help Ark find the next viral star by voting here. And stay tuned for more contest updates and a review of the PaperJamz Mic.

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