Nobody Puts The Baby In An Old Crib

As the mom of a new baby girl I have recently gone through the madness that is shopping for a crib. There are so many choices from traditional cribs to convertible cribs. You can pick everything from paint color to wood stain color, making them completely customizable for every design type.

Buying a crib can be one of the biggest purchases you will make to get ready for the baby. All the options are enough to make your head spin.

When shopping for baby cribs I knew I wanted real wood in a convertible crib. I love that with a convertible crib, it grows with the baby. One purchase and you have a crib, a toddler bed and eventually a beautiful head board and foot board for a full size bed.

And now I am daydreaming about this DaVinci Kalani crib. Isn’t that the most beautiful crib you have ever seen?

We ended up doing the baby’s room in purple and yellow and I think that crib would look amazing in there. I wonder if my husband would mind if only 4 months into her life I bought a new crib. On second thought, I wonder if he would even notice.

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