Bake Pops Review. Make Cake Pops Easy!

I have long dreamed of making cake pops. They are cute, fun and can be made in a variety of themes to fit any occasion. But to be honest, I have never tried them. The idea of making a cake, cooling it, crumbling it, mixing with icing, forming balls, cooling, dipping, cooling, and then decorating made them something that I admired from afar.

Then I was introduced to my new best friend, Bake Pops. These great pans take all the work out of making cake pops. Just mix up your cake mix and bake in perfectly formed balls.

Start by using any cake mix from a box and follow the directions. Instead of water, subistute milk and use half the amount. Then add in one package of pudding the same flavor of your cake. Mix well. This makes for a denser cake which holds up better once you dip them in the candy coating.

Using a flour based cooking spray coat the pan then fill the bottom of the pan with cake batter. Put the top pan on and use the clips to lock them in place. Then bake.

No pre-baking a cake, crumbling and mixing with icing. I love that with the simple steps of mixing a boxed cake mix and baking, I had the perfectly shaped balls to dip and decorate.

Once baked and cooled, you dip in candy melts and then add sprinkles or let set and decorate any way you want.

The Bake Pops kit comes with one pan, 18 cake pop sticks, and an idea and instruction book. Besides your cake mix the only thing you need is a piece of florist foam. This gives the pops a way to set up while they are upright. I admit I forgot to buy some and instead we had to let our pops set upside down on a pan. It worked but created a flat bottom on each cake pop.

They were so easy even Genghis got in on the fun. He decorated each one of our cake pops.

For half of our cake pops we did Christmas colored sprinkles and the other half I let Genghis color with edible markers. The result was a lot of fun in the kitchen with my 5 year old and some really tasty treats. I cannot wait to make them again and try some more detailed decorating.

All in all I was very happy with this pan. I love that it eliminates other steps and really turns making cake pops into a fool proof affair. Trust me when I say, if I can make them, anyone can.

But don’t take my word for it, check out these Bake Pops reviews or buy your own and make them yourself.

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