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Birthday Countdown — Yellow Tennessee

Birthday Countdown

If your child is anything like mine they are constantly asking how many days are left until a big event.  The problem we run into with Genghis is his age is a big hindrance in understanding time.  Sure I can tell him twenty times a day that his birthday is in 2 weeks, but at the age of 4, he doesn’t really understand how long two weeks is.  And to be honest, by the end of the day I am sick and tired of telling him that his birthday is in 2 weeks.  

I had an idea last year before we went home to visit my parents.  Genghis was understandably excited and kept asking over and over when we were going.  I ended up making a paper chain out of construction paper with one chain for each ‘sleep’ until we left.  Each morning he was allowed to tear off one link of the chain and could then count how many ‘sleeps’ were left until we went home.  

Christmas I adopted the same sort of idea.  You know once the tree goes up, they start asking if it is Christmas yet.  I took small favor boxes and labeled each one with the date.  Each morning he got to open one box.  Some had a piece of candy in it, some had a small toy.  It allowed him a visual to see how many days were left until Christmas. 

Well his 5th birthday is coming up.  And of course for the last week or so I have been answering the dreaded ‘how many days until my birthday’ question.  Then the idea struck.  I will be honest, I was going to do the paper chain again because I have a new baby and I’m lazy.  But we were running low on construction paper.  So balloons it is!  

Genghis got to color all the balloons, then I cut them out and tied some colorful yarn to them for the string.  We then hung them up on his bedroom door.  Each morning he can take down one balloon with the last balloon coming down on his birthday.  End the same question a million times a day and it makes a great subtraction lesson! 

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