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Christmas in July with Storkie — Yellow Tennessee

Christmas in July with Storkie

Christmas is my favorite day of the year. I love the excitement and wonder that goes along with it. I love teaching my children the real meaning of the holiday. I love getting Christmas cards.

But as the holiday winds down we are often left with a lot of Christmas cards and nothing to do with them.

If only there were some cute things you could do with your Christmas cards. Well there is and as always, I am here to help!

Christmas Card gift boxes. Trim card to fit over the lid of a small gift box then glue into place. For larger boxes, do a Christmas card college.

Christmas Card gift tags. Cut out images from your Christmas cards and use them as gift tags for next years gifts. You can wind up with everything from snowmen to trees and reindeer to use.

Christmas Card wreath. Using images from your Christmas cards, glue them onto green construction paper cut into the shape of a wreath. This makes a fun kids craft.

Christmas Card ornaments. There are lots of online tutorials to make your own ornaments using leftover Christmas cards. Use cards with pictures of friends and family for even more personalized ornaments.

And my favorite thing to do with Christmas cards is to make an advent calendar with them. You will need at least 25 cards. Take one card and shape into a cone shape. Affix a number onto each cone and then hang them on some colored string. I even decorate each card with some ribbon and glitter for some extra flair. Then fill with little trinkets for your advent calendar.

Christmas Card Tree. We have a small 3 foot tall tree that I put up every year. I decorate it with lights and a small tree topper and then we add the Christmas cards we get that year to it. It is a cute way to display the cards and gives us a chance to look at them often.

No matter what you decide to do with your old Christmas cards Storkie.com has you covered for all your card needs.

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