Comcast Cable, Buyer Beware

When we originally moved to the south we lived in a location that we could not get cable TV. I personally hate satellite because it always goes out when you want to watch it most, IE. during storms. So when we moved again and were in a location that we could get cable TV, I was thrilled.

I wish I could tell you that installation was a breeze and we had no problems. At one point we were scheduled for instillation and we were told there had never been cable at our address so they would have to run the wires and all that mess. The day before the instillation was to be done, Comcast showed up because they had an order to turn off the cable at our location. You know the one who had never had service before. I should have run away then.

Comcast was running a promotion in which if new customers signed up for their Triple Play service (phone, internet and cable bundle) that you would receive a $200 Visa gift card. I was told by the Comcast customer service agent, Misty, that we were eligible for this promotion and to give it until at least April before we received the gift card.

Mid May and we still have not seen the gift card so I decided to make a phone call to see if there was a problem. First I was told that we would not be getting the gift card because there was a promo code that had to be entered into the computer upon sign up and that had not been done on our account.

How is that my fault? I then spoke to a supervisor and was told the same thing. I explained that while I understood the code was not entered, it was not my responsibility to enter the code and therefore I should not be penalized for it.

Then I was told the problem was that I did not verbally agree to a contract. I had no verbal contract with Comcast, so I was not eligible for the promotion. Of course I argued that while I may not have entered into a verbal contract, I did have my copy of the written contract with my signature.

The supervisor then told me that we were not eligible for the promotion because we were not signed up for the correct package that was offering the promotion. Of course this promotion was advertised on their site.

After refuting every reason the supervisor had for why we were not eligible for the promotion, the issue is still not resolved. I asked to speak to his boss and they are not in until Monday. I have already decided that I will fight with them over this as long as I have to. It is their obligation to make it right!

Update. I waited till around 2 this afternoon and still hadn’t heard from the manager. When I called back the supervisor I spoke to noted the account that we did not want a call back. Grrr.

Three phone calls later and I still have not received a call back. Seriously, how in the world do they still have customers?

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