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Dialect Vlog #7 — Yellow Tennessee

Dialect Vlog #7

So I admit that this is only number 2 for me. I did #5 and somehow missed #6. But the idea is really simple. Just record a video of yourself reading the list of words and then answering the questions. It is fun to hear how people say things differently and the different accents.

And I know I sound like I am about 6 years old! I hate it.

The Words:
Kitchen, disoriented, Height, Colorado, Prescott, Halloween, Cinnamon, Sometimes, account, gosh, Monday

The Questions:
1. Fill in the blank: I walked ______ the street. (Across or Acrossed?)
2. What is a word to describe how you feel when your kids just won’t listen to you? (Flustrated? Frustrated)
3. Do you have words you say that replace expletives?
4. What is another way of saying “It doesn’t matter”? (Makes no difference)
5. What do you call the item of clothing you wear underneath your clothes?
6. What do you call the piece of clothing you wear on your legs?
7. What do you enjoy on your hotdog?
8. Thank you Robyn’s Online World for this one: Fill in the blank: I was standing _______ waiting for my turn on the roller coaster.
9. What do you call when you sit on the floor with your legs tucked under each other?
10. What is a common way to say “sit and rest” or “take a break”? (pop a squat? sit a spell?)

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