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Do People Really Buy These? Or more crap people waste their money on. — Yellow Tennessee

Do People Really Buy These? Or more crap people waste their money on.

It seems that no matter what you may need, there is always a product out there to help out. But do we really need some of these things? And who really spends their money on them?

Really? Because if you are wearing this no one will ever question if that is your real hair or not.

Lost your lighter? No worries. All you need is this handy product and some direct sun. 20 minutes later you can smoke your cigarette. Of course you could save 10 minutes by running to the store and buying a new lighter. I guess this would come in handy during an end of the world scenario when there are no stores to run to.

I wear contacts. I use eye drops. I also blink every time the drop is about to hit my eye. Every. Single. Time. This would not help. And if you can’t aim well enough to put eye drops in your eye then no amount of stupid inventions will ever help you.

Stupid, lazy babies. All they do is eat, sleep, poop and crawl around on your floor. If only there was a way to make them earn their keep. Unless you hire a maid this product really won’t save you any money. Which is a shame because you are going to need a lot when you have to pay for therapy for putting this on your child.

Concerned with the impact your cooking and driving habits are having on the environment? Now you can cook while you drive. Simply install this bad boy on to your exhaust pipe, fill with meat and drive home from work. You can have a hot meal ready as soon as you get home. Mmmmm burgers with exhaust fumes. Its what’s for dinner!

There is nothing I hate more than not being able to wear my favorite pair of heels when it is going to rain. But wait! Now I can. Not only can you wear your heels in any weather, but you can keep your feet dry. Of course people will think you look like an idiot but your feet will still be dry. Who’s the idiot now!

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