How to make an egg carton caterpillar

We all have egg cartons left over that we end up throwing out. Now you can turn those egg cartons into caterpillars.

You will need:
Egg Carton
Pipe cleaners
Markers (optional)

Step 1: Using your scissors cut along the length of the egg carton. Be careful not to cut into the cups as you want it in one row.

Step 2. Using your toothpick poke holes in both sides of each cup as well as two holes on the top of the first cup. These are where the legs and antenna will go.

Step 3. Push a pipe cleaner into each hole on the side. Thread through the cup and bring the pipe cleaner back out the hole on the other side. This will become the caterpillar legs. Repeat for all the holes along the side of the egg carton.

This is what it will look like from the bottom.

Step 4. Push a pipe cleaner through one hole on the top of the caterpillars head. Thread through the bottom and bring it out the other hole. This will create the antenna.

Step 5. Using a marker, wrap the antenna pipe cleaner around it. Then slide the marker out. Repeat for the other side.

Step 6. Glue the eyes to the caterpillars head.

Step 7. Bend the pipe cleaner legs to make ‘feet’. This will make sure you caterpillar stands up on his own.

Step 8. Using a red marker or pen, draw a mouth on your caterpillar.

Step 9. (optional) Color your caterpillar with markers or paint the egg carton with acrylic paint.

That’s it. This is a very easy craft that you can make with your child. Great for those rainy days.

The finished product.

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