Ester-C Gummies

I have already got to share with you my experiences of Ester-C tablets and Ester-C To Go. Now I get to share with you my experiences with my favorite product of the Ester-C family.

Ester-C Gummies.

Jealous that your kids get all the great tasting, fun vitamins? New great-tasting Ester-C® Gummies aren’t just kid stuff. You get a full 500 mg of Ester-C® per serving, the patented vitamin C that’s absorbed into your system and is well retained… providing advanced active immune support, plus support for your heart, joints, skin, hair and nails.

I love the taste of these. They have just the right amount of orange flavor and are not too sweet. They are easy to chew and one of the few vitamins I remember to take everyday. I know for a fact that these are one vitamin that I will continue to buy.

I have noticed that my skin looks better and I still have not seen any sign of a cold. I normally get a cold every year as we move from winter into spring. This year, I am still healthy!

Disclaimer/Disclosure: I received one bottle of Ester-C Gummies for review purposes. I will also receive a gift card in exchange for my reviews. All opinions and views stated are my own.

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