Ester-C To Go, Vitamin C on the go

You may remember me talking about Ester-C Tablets. Now I get to talk to you about Ester-C To Go. The easy and convenient way to take vitamin C anytime.

Just add to 8 ounces of water and enjoy. It has a very light orange flavor with no acid. This unique, once-per-day beverage mix provides vital electrolytes to promote hydration while at the same time giving your body a wide array of vitamins and minerals. Each drink delivers 1000mg of patented Ester-C.

And here we are a month since I first started taking Ester-C and I have still managed not to get sick. I like to think that the Ester-C is playing a part in that.

Disclaimer/Disclosure. I received one package of Ester-C to go for review purposes. No other compensation was given. All opinions expressed are my own.

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