Healthy Choice Top Chef Inspired Café Steamers

Crisp vegetables. Tender meats. Perfectly al dente pastas. Steaming brings out the best in ingredients. And when they come together in the variety of Café Steamer meals, the result is unbelievably fresh taste.

I admit that I had never had any sort of frozen meals while growing up. Call me lucky, call me sheltered, say I was missing out. Either way, it wasn’t until I was married and my husband thought it was insane that I had never had a ‘TV Dinner’. So one night we bought a couple and I tried my first and last frozen entree. It was awful. The potatoes were lacking flavor, the meat was overdone, tough and boring. Even the vegetables were mushy. I then knew I had not missed anything and that someday my children would be able to say they had never tried a tv dinner.

Then the opportunity to try the new Healthy Choice Top Chef Inspired Cafe Steamers presented itself and I figured why not. Surely in the past 8 years there have been some changes made in frozen entrees and it could not be that bad, right?

I am happy to say not only are they not that bad, they are actually really good! The main ingredients of the entree sit in a steamer or strainer style bowl just above the sauce. You throw the whole thing in the microwave for 4 to 5 minutes. Once done, you mix the sauce with the entree and enjoy. Cooking this way keeps the veggies crisp, the pasta perfectly done and the meat is tender. Oh and the sauce, full of flavor. If Healthy Choice Top Chef Inspired Café Steamers do not change the way your look at frozen entrees, then nothing will.

First up, I tried the Grilled Chicken Pesto with Vegetables. Chicken, pasta, zucchini, spinach and a basil pesto sauce made this entree delightful. It contained a perfect balance of each ingredient and like I already mentioned, it was so full of flavor. And with only 310 calories, it is a lunch you can feel good about having.

Next I tried the Barbeque Seasoned Steak with Red Potatoes. This was my favorite! Full of flavor, this dish serves up beef with roasted potatoes, vegetables and uncured bacon in a whiskey BBQ sauce. A deliciously inspired meal for only 330 calories.

Overall, I admit that I was very happy with the way these meals tasted. They have forever changed my opinion of frozen entrees. I love that they are quick and easy but yet full of flavor. It is nice to have a quick lunch that still makes me feel like I am getting a little treat.

Want to try them for yourself? Head over to Healthy Choice and print off a coupon to save $1 off any Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers. I can’t wait to try some of the other options. I think next I will go for the Lemongrass Chicken & Shrimp.

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